Tonight’s Heisman Trophy Presentation Ceremony should be interesting … especially with five worthy candidates.  This is just one person’s opinion — here’s my prediction on the outcome for this year:

1) Mark Ingram, Alabama — he will be first Crimson Tide player to win the award.  I actually think Suh deserves the Heisman since he’s the most talented player this year, but voters seem to prefer offensive players, especially QB’s and RB’s — particularly from big-name programs.  His 3-TD performance in last week’s SEC Championship Game will help him garner this award.  The only drawback is he’s only a sophomore and will have more cracks at the Heisman.

2) Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska — he’ll probably be one of the top three picks in the NFL Draft next April.  Of course, it depends on the team’s needs, but he could also go number one in the draft.  He’s simply a dominating and havoc-wreaking defensive tackle.  He’s NFL All-Pro written all over him.  It’d be great to see a DT win the Heisman.  Although I think Ingram will win it, I won’t be surprised if Suh ends up the winner.

3) Colt McCoy, Texas — I think Gerhart should ranked higher, but voters love QB’s, especially ones from high-profile, glamorous programs.  This award was his to win but he came up short last week in the Big 12 Championship Game.  But, he was the front-runner and many of the midwest voters will probably choose him.

4) Toby Gerhart, Standford — a rock star and animal.  Total stud athlete — also a good college baseball player.  But, playing on the west coast will hurt him.  Not enough voters, especially from the east coast, saw him play that much this season.  He’s deserving of the honor.

5) Tim Tebow, Florida — no sympathy for Tim.  He’s already won one Heisman and two national championships.  He’s a class act — on and off the field.  He’ll go down as one of the greatest college football players in history.   But, he didn’t get it done in last week’s SEC Championship Game – and that’ll hurt him with voters.  Again, he’s a class act and I hope he finds a good fit in the NFL.  Quality people like him deserve to be honored and admired.