I’ve been blogging fairly regularly for the past 10 – 11 months.  I’ve posted a little over 150 blog posts.  My focus has primarily been on philanthropy, education, sports and travel.

My friends are encouraging me to keep blogging — I’ve slacked off over the past week or so, but so it’s time for an update.   And, I’ll do my best to blog 2 – 3 times per week.

What have I been up since my last posting about the Special Olympics?  Here’s a quick review with  a highlight or two from each day:

Thur, Sept 17 – went to the WNBA play-off game between the hometown Mystics vs the Indiana Fever.  Unfortunately the game wasn’t played at their home court, the Verizon Center, since it had been rented to the Discovery Networks.  They played it at Comcast Center on the Univ of MD campus.  They played well but then wilted in the 4th quarter and suffered a tough loss.

Fri, Sept 18 — took the Amtrak Acela to NY for sports and entertainment related business meetings.   We had a couple of great meetings.  Then, went to the apartment of one of my best friend’s for dinner w/ his three kids — love spending time with them.

Sat, Sept 19 — hung out in NY in the morning, then took the train back to DC.  It’s such a great way to travel — no airport security hassles and online access.  It’s good way to get work done while traveling.

Sun, Sept 20 — hit the gym in the morning, as I’ve been doing nearly every day.  I was stoked for the Skins game, but man was it one boring game.  They did defeat the Rams, but it was by a 9 – 7 score.

Mon, Sept 21 — dinner in Korea town in Annandale with my 10 and 14 year old mentees and their Mom.  We had a great, fun time — eating Korean food buffet style.

Tues, Sept 22 — my first board of directors meeting with a new non-profit I joined … the Batter Up / DC RBI organization.  Great group of committed and dedicated people.   Then, at night, an event for DeAngelo Hall of the ‘Skins.

Wed, Sept 23 — attended a Venture Philanthropy Partners event, featuring speeches from Mayor Fenty and Chancellor Rhee.  A wonderful event — full of many of DC’s leading philanthropists and community service leaders.

Thu, Sept 24 / Fri,  Sept 25 — a series of meetings for my new JLynn Associates firm.  A great two days!   It takes a while to build a new business — and I’m working hard to make it happen — excellent movement this week.  Happy camper.

Sat, Sept 26 — what a day!  Dropped off my mentee to Junior Redskins Cheerleader practice in the morning; then attended a 7-hour board of directors retreat for Asian-American LEAD; then attended the Congressional Black Caucus dinner — featuring a dynamic speech from President Obama.  He brought the house down repeatedly with his terrific and motivating speech.

Sun, Sept 27 — a bummer of day, sports-wise.  My fav team, the ‘Skins lost to the lowly Lions, who broke their 19-game winless streak.  And, my fantasy football teams are also getting hammered.  Can’t wait for hockey season to start.  🙂