I’m in LA for one more day … heading back to DC on Sunday morning.  Few observations:

– it is interesting how people do often primarily stick to their particular neighborhoods.  My friend, Chris, rented a great house in the Hollywood Hills.   Most of our meetings and dinners have been within a 5-mile radius.  My Santa Moncia / Venice friends prefer to stay there … they don’t like the West Hollywood scene – and vice versa.

– the saying “car rich, house poor” is an interesting line — my local friends say that means people love to have their luxury cars – even if that means living in not-so-great places.

– it’s a much different lifestyle from the east coast — people go out earlier and come home earlier ’cause the clubs close at 2:00 am vs. the much later closing times out east.  Also, people get up earlier on the west coast and seem to work out much more.

– it is very interesting to see the difference in how people dress for business meetings … much more casual here.  I couldn’t imagine having a meeting w/ execs in NY dressed in jeans – but that can be the norm here.

– it’s great that you can watch college football games at 9:00 am and NFL games at 10:00 am on the west coast!  I’m watching Ohio State – Navy right now.

I will miss the great LA weather but I love the change of seasons on the east coast … looking forward to the cool fall weather and changin’ of the leaves.