I don’t golf very often — in fact, I’ve only averaged 1 – 2 rounds per year over the past couple of years.  I do like to golf, but I much prefer to play baseball.  I play in a couple of baseball leagues – so I don’t have the time to golf.

But, I did play a round on late Tuesday afternoon … and it reminded me why it’s such a beautiful sport.

Two of my closest friends, Kurt and Thom, suggested we play a round of golf and catch up.  Kurt lives here in VA but Thom lives in NJ.  He came down to VA for a couple of days of business travel but he made time to play on Tues afternoon.

The three of us are not very good but we respect the game and move right along.  As proof, we played our round in 4 hours, which is the average pace.   On top of that, we played at Westfield’s, the course designed by Freddie Couples, and that is regarded as one of the more difficult public courses in Northern VA.

Man, it was so much fun.   We pretty had the course to ourselves — no back-ups at all.  Playing golf, hanging with your boys, having a couple of beers, smoking a cigar, etc (of course, checking email on blackberry and v-mails on cell phone, too).   Also golfing in the late afternoon / early evening as the weather cools is  a pure joy.  Simply put, life doesn’t get much better.

I didn’t score too well but I did have a couple of pars and I was putting for a birdie on the 18th hole (lipped out).  That might be the only round of golf I play this year, but it was sure was a heck of a lot of fun.  I might need to get back out there for a couple of rounds this Fall.