I’m saddened to hear the news about the passing of Jack Kemp, the former Congressman, Secretary of HUD and outstanding quarterback of the AFL’s Buffalo Bills.

I’ve known Jack for the past decade.  He was always so very nice and gracious — a big smile and warm handshake.   He was one of the best people in DC for “networking” a room.  He had a fantastic memory and seemed to know everyone.

We used to regularly attend his parties during Super Bowl Weekend.  We used to affectionately call it the anti-Maxim party since it was full of more mature, professionals versus the more raucous crowd at the Maxim Super Bowl parties.

I also was fortunate to attend a few dinners with him where he would regale us all with story after story.   I was also fortunate to meet his family.   Jack loved to show photos of his family, including all of his children and grandchildren.  I used to joke that it was like a Gap ad – full of beautiful, well-dressed kids.

I know Jack was a wonderful husband, father, friend and leader.  He gave back so much to the community, especially to minorities and those that came from less-priviliged backgrounds.   The country lost a great and compassionate human being.   We were better off for having a Jack Kemp in our lives.   We will miss you, Jack.  We will pray for strength for your family.