Happy Easter!  It’s been four days here in Brazil now and despite my lack of ability to speak Portuguese, I’m getting along fine.  In fact, it’s been great on the beach – there are so many conversations going on since the beach is crowded, but I can’t understand the language.  So, I’m not stuck listening to any inane babble among the small groups clustered around.   Not that one wants to listen in other people’s conversations but it’s hard when they are literally right next to you on a crowded beach.   So, it has been refreshing to be a clueless foreigner who can’t understand the native language.  It also comes in handy when the vendors are hawking their items.

But, a drawback to not being able to speak the language is that it’s sometimes difficult to order when you’re in a restaurant.  Many have a menu in English, but if not, you’re stuck pointing at an item and hoping it’s something you might like.  Oh, I did find a nearby Japanese restaurant – where I’ve eaten at twice thus far.  I can’t wrong in a Japanese restaurant.  LOL.

The other way to get around is room service – which I’ve used a couple of times.  I’ve gotten into a nice routine of doing a work-out in the hotel gym, then ordering breakfast via room service while doing email and reading newspapers online.  The Brazilian coffee is indeed money!