A couple of my mentors strongly encouraged me take some time off to relax, recharge and get re-energized after the 14-year run at AOL. So, as always, I’m going to follow their wise counsel. I’m going to be doing some traveling while also working on my business plans for my new venture. And, during some of the travel, I’ll be meeting with prospective clients and / or future partners.

My first trip after leaving AOL a couple of weeks ago is coming to Brazil. I came here for the first time last October and I loved it. I split my time between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Both are terrific cities but since I’m looking to chill and relax, this time, I’m coming to Rio de Janeiro and Buzios.

I just arrived in sunny Brazil earlier this afternoon. I left Washington, DC last night at 10:00 pm – it took about 9 hours to fly to Sao Paulo, where we had a 2-hour layover before heading to Rio de Janeiro. I checked into the Caesar Park on Ipanema Beach.

It feels good to be back here. I love the happiness and joy of the Brazilians. Many people here do not have much in terms of money and material goods, but for the most part, they are a happy group of people. I recall the quote I read in a magazine the last time I was here, “I have my family, my futbol, my beer and my samba music, what else do I need?” What a refreshing outlook!

Okay, time to head out to the beach. Ciao. Ciao.