We had our 4th annual Capitol Movement Project performance at the historic Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC last night.  It was another superb performance from this inventive and entertaining dance company.

With a cast of 90, featuring adult and youth dancers, males and females — the 2 1/2 hours seemed to fly by.  It was a thoroughly entertaining evening.

I’m on the CMP Board of Directors – so to help support CMP, I purchased a block of 25 tickets.  Each and every one of my friends enjoyed the show.  Many asked they can become involved.  To learn more, pls go to http://www.capitolmovement.org.

I had 5 of our Asian-American LEAD students there.   Four of the children are high school students who perform in a hip-hop group and the fifth is this wonderful fourth-grader who loves to sing and entertain.  I had a great time taking them back-stage after the show to meet the CMP co-founders, Stephanie and Amber as well as many of the performers.  They loved it!  And, I’m going to work on getting these students signed up for the CMP classes and workshop this Spring and Summer.

U St in Washington, DC used to rival Harlem  as the top place for African-American music acts.  After the riots in ’68, things went downhill and the area suffered.  But, over the past decade, there’s a been a great transformation taking place on U St — and it’s terrific to see the many new businesses that are now thriving in this historic part of town.   So, having the CMP show back again at the Lincoln made it a wonderful night in the Nation’s Capital.