Today marks the one-year anniversary of the passing of my beloved father.   He actually passed on Feb 29th of last year but since it was during Leap Year, today is the anniversary.

My mother, brother and I went to Arlington National Cemetery this morning to pay my respects to my father, who is interred there at the columbarium.   The ANC is a special place and we are honored that my father is interred there.

We paid our respects to my father — also, my mom left a piece of one of his favorite candies on the marker.  🙂  We then walked over to where my Uncle Arthur, my father’s older brother, is interred to pay respects to him, too.

My father and Uncle Art are two of my idols and role models.  I loved Uncle Art dearly, too, and I’m honored to have my middle name from him (my full name is James Arthur Lynn).   So, it’s really special to us that that they are interred near each other.

I’ve done by best to visit my father at ANC during every special day over the past year, including Father’s Day, his birthday, my parents anniversary, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I like to go there and have a nice chat with him – similar to what I do every day in my morning prayer.

We continue to be comforted with the thoughts that my father lived a long, full life; is reunited with his parents and brothers; and is no longer suffering from Alzheimer’s.

We celebrated my mother’s birthday this past Friday night — and, it’s great that she’s surrounded by so many wonderful and warm friends at the Jefferson, where my parents moved in 2004.

Dad — although you weren’t the most computer-literate and you weren’t too internet-savvy, if you’re reading this blog from up above, please know that I love you and miss you dearly.  And, please note that I’m doing my best to do everything you taught me, including focusing on family and friends, teaching and helping others, working hard, keeping a strong level of integrity  and treating everyone fairly and with respect.

Your son,