We decided to make attending last night’s Sports Marketing Strategy class optional since the Hoyas were playing #-6 Louisville.  After all, our class is 95% seniors and this was the second-t0-last home game of the season.

But, for the 12 – 13 students that attended the optional class, we held a good, lively discussion about networking, relationship-building, internships and entry level jobs.   In addition to teaching, we’re doing our best to impart advice to the students that will be graduating in May about starting out their work careers, especially in the Sports and Entertainment fields, which are so extremely competitive.

As noted in previous blogs, this year’s class is outstanding — full of engaged, interactive, smart and terrific students.  It makes it that much more enjoyable to teach when you connect well with the class.

One more class next Monday — then, it’s Spring Break for the seniors the following week!