Admittedly, I’m not much of a “foodie,” but I definitely know when I’ve had a great meal.  And, last night, I was so fortunate to have a world-class meal.   Our good friend, Jonathan Klein, was celebrating a special b-day and he treated a group of us to a phenomenal dinner at Michel Richard’s “Citronelle” restaurant in Georgetown.

DC is fortunate to have Michel here in town.  He was awarded the James Beard award in 2007 as the most outstanding chef in the U.S.   Per the quote on their web site from Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, which states … “a great chef, who is cooking at a level that exceeds any Michelin three-star chef in France.”

Some of my friends asked what was on the menu at the Chef’s Table, so here you go (9 courses paired with 9 world-class wine tastings);  1) Fried Chicken Lollipop, Crispy Escargot Ravioli and Crab Gratin with Champagne Jean-Louis Vergnon Brut Blanc; 2) Terrine of Smoked Salmon with Scancerre “Cuvee Edmond” Domaine; Nantucket Bay scallops with Calamari Spaghetti with Reisling “Turckheim” Domaine; 3) Skate Wing Rolled with Crabmeat – Beaune “Close des Mouche” Premier Cru, 4) Lamburger with Pinot Noir “Presidio Vineyard” Bonaccorse; 5) Breast of Squab Stuffed with Squab Liver and Foie Gras with Chateanuneuf-du-Pape “Secrets de Pignan”; 6) Prime short ribs of Angus  Beef cooked 72 hours Sous Vide with Cabernet Sauvignon “Tresca” Allora; 7) Selection of Ripe Cheeses with “Relentless” Syrah-Petite Sirah; 8) Strawberry Cocktail; 9) Selection of Michel Richard Signature Desserts with Coteaux du Layon “4 Villages” Domaine.

One words sums it up … “wow.”   In addition to the brilliant Michel Richard, the Sommelier, Mark Slater, is also a James Beard award winner for Outstanding Wine Service.    Citronelle is definitely the place in DC for special occasions.   What a great night with terrific friendships, lots of stories and laughs and a world-class meal!