I blog every Monday night or Tuesday morning during the Spring about the Sports Marketing Strategy class we teach at Georgetown University.  But, no class tonight since the campus is closed due to President’s Day.

This is probably a good thing we have tonight off, especially if I brought in a guest speaker tonight … who would have had the monumental task of being the guest speaker after Ted Leonsis’ stellar appearance in our class last week. I received a number of wonderful emails from our students about how much they enjoyed hearing the many fascinating stories and life lessons from Ted.  He knocks it out of the park each spring semester when he talks to the class.

So, instead of the regular Monday routine of working all day at AOL, then teaching a class on Monday night — I’m free today / tonight.   I did come back from NYC this afternoon on the train.   And, I guess I’ll watch 24 live tonight vs the usual routine of watching it on DVR.   Sweet!