I’m heading to New York City this weekend with a few good friends this weekend.   I haven’t been to NYC since early November to attend the Asian Leadership Summit.   And, this will be my first weekend there in nearly a year.

I used to work at least one day a week in our AOL office NY for over 3 1/2 years.  I went there for staff meetings as well as to meet regularly with my primary accounts — the NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR, NHL, Sports Illustrated, etc.   Sometimes the trip would be two days but normally it was back and forth onthe same day.

But, things have changed over the past few years … we longer have the strategic sports partnerships with the leagues (mostly due to our change in business model).  Also, with a keen eye on expenses, business travel has been reduced dramatically.

NYC is definitely one of my favorite cities in the world … other fave’s are Tokyo (where I grew up), Paris, Hong Kong and Montreal.   I used to fly there regularly but I’ve become much more of an Amtrak Acela user the past couple of years.   It takes 2 hours, 45 minutes vs a 45-minute flight but you don’t have to deal w/ airport security … plus the flights delays and the cab ride from LaGuardia to mid-town.

NYC is electric … and, there’s always so many things to do.   One of my closest friends and his family live there as well as a number of other great friends.  So, I am looking forward to the visit this weekend (and some NY pizza, too)!

Washington, DC has been regarded as the most powerful city in the world while NYC has been regarded as the financial center.  But, times are changing, especially with the Wall Street firms needing desperate financial assistance from the gov’t.

I feel fortunate to live and work in a wonderful city while also being located a short distance from one of the greatest cities in the world.    But, I’ll never be a Yankees fan — especially with all the crazy money they throw each year at free agents.  Go Nationals!!!  🙂