Happy New Year to all!  I hope 2009 brings much joy, peace and personal satisfaction to everyone.  It’ll definitely be a “Year of Change,” especially with the incoming Obama administration as well as the continued financial crisis.

I’m spending the New Year’s Eve holiday and next couple of days in Montreal, one of my favorite cities in the world.  Most of my friends went to St Barts, southern Florida, the Caribbean, etc but I headed north to Canada.

Man, it’s cold up here!  It’s 10 to 15 below zero with the wind chill factored in.  One of my friends emailed me from Antigua to say he read in a weather report that the two coldest major cities in the world today are Moscow and Montreal!  LOL.

But, I’m happy w/ the decision to come here.  Montreal is only a 75-minute flight from Washington, DC.  It’s very similar to being in Europe.   And, the Canadiens are such warm and nice people.  I’ve been blessed to have many wonderful friendships here.

I just got back from taking a nice, brisk walk outside … it was snowing lightly aside … it’s great to walk around in the beautiful snow in this gorgeous city.   As long as you dress warmly, you’ll be fine.  Of course, the French Onion soup I just had at a local diner helped keep me warm.

Bonne Annee!!!