My friends are always asking me why I have so much energy.   After hosting one of my close friends and his three children at my home for the past few days, I think I know the answer — it’s because I’m single and don’t have the many commitments that parents have!

I love children – and it was great to have an 11-yr old, 9-yr old and 4-yr old at my house … especially during the holidays.   But, being a parent takes a lot and lot of responsibility.

On the weekends, since I normally go out at night,  I like to take a short afternoon nap.  So, I tried to do so on Saturday, but it wasn’t possible.  Every 10 minutes, my 4-yr old buddy would come into my room, crawl up on my bed, hug me and tell me “I love you, Uncle Judge” (Judge is my nickname from childhood).    So, no nap time for Uncle Judge!

And, for the past few mornings, the little guy would wake me up, give me a huge hug and hang for a few minutes before declaring, “I’m hungry, Uncle Judge!”   Man, those moments are priceless.  But, you’re constantly “on the go” w small children in the house.

That again reaffirms my belief that Moms are super heroes!   They’re constantly watching over the children; making meals; doing laundry; going to the grocery store; going to the playground, etc.  It’s definitely not easy.  So, hats off to all the great Moms out there.   It definitely make you appreciate your own parents that much more!