The Redskins.  Sigh.  What a rocky ending to the season after their glorious 6 – 2 start.   But, to be honest, my friends and I were all predicting a 7 – 8 win season earlier this summer with a new coach in place.  So, we can’t be too bummed with the .500 record.

First and foremost, I strongly feel that they should keep Coach Zorn in place.  The organization needs stability.  You can’t win when you keep changing head coaches — similarly to businesses can’t succeed if you keep switching out the CEO every 1 – 2 years.

Secondly, the overall talent level is pretty good.   They’re in fine shape at the skill positions (Campbell is a good QB, they have quality running backs in Portis and Betts, and they have two stars in Cooley and Moss).  Lots of people complained about picking the three receivers — I think they’ll turn out be good players — especially if train hard in the off-season and come more prepared to play next year.

The obvious key is to improving the team, especially for the long term, are the lineman – both on offense and defense.   The ‘Skins need to focus their off-season moves on adding lineman on both sides of the ball.  And, they shouldn’t over-pay for vet lineman … instead, they should draft and develop a core of good, young lineman.

Look at the past Super Bowl champions as well as the top teams this year — what do they all share in common?  Strong line play.   It’s an old-fashioned saying – but the teams that can run the ball, protect their QB on passing plays, defend the run and rush the QB – are the teams that are successful.  Look at the strong line play of the Giants, Steelers, Patriots, Titans, etc.  They all share these characteristics.

The ‘Skins will most likely lose to Eagles this Sunday and then defeat the Niners the following weekend.  So, they’ll end up with a 8 – 8 record.   It’s not the desired result, but we Skins fans will have to deal with it … and hope management improves both lines in the off-season.  Hail to the Redskins!