Wow, what a day yesterday – so much going on!   The first event of the day was the highly anticipated Georgetown – Memphis game at the Verizon Center.   I was invited to watch the game in the suite of President Jack DeGioia of Georgetown University.   The suite was packed with DC’s power crowd, including FBI Director, Robert Mueller; former CIA Director, George Tenet; WSJ’s Al Hunt; writer Mark Shields, etc.

I has also been offered floor tickets from GU’s number one fan, Ted Leonsis.  So, after spending part of the time in the suite, I went and sat in the floor seats with a couple of friends.  The action on the court was action-packed.  Fortunately, our hometown Hoyas pulled out a victory in overtime vs the Memphis Tigers, who were finalists in last year’s NCAA Championship Game.

Next was our staff holiday dinner at the Monterey Bay Fish Grotto in Tysons Corner, hosted by my boss, Ms Tiane Mitchell Gordon and her husband, Len.  This restaurant was terrific (and is recommended).  We had the Chef’s Tasting Menu — it was a fantastic meal — plus lots of stories and laughs.  Oh, and make sure to have the sommelier match the wines w/ the various dishes – they do a great job there of story-telling.

After dinner, the next stop was the annual holiday party of Mike and Sheryl Wilbon.  This is always a terrific party since they have fascinating and terrific friends (Sheryl is the best).  Plus, we met their new son (who has more hair than Mike and I combined).  It’s great to see the continued success of Mike — after many years of being a fixture on the local scene with his great work with the Washington Post, he’s now one of the most popular sports experts in the country with his outstanding work on ESPN’s “PTI” as well as NBA on ABC work.  He continues to be one of the classiest and nicest people in the business.

Thank goodness for Sunday, the “day of rest, ” since it’s definitely needed.   And, the NFL schedule on TV is full of great games today.   Peace.