I’m heading to Vegas this evening for the weekend — my buddy, Tavs and I, are going to the Oscar Dela Hoya – Manny Pacquiao championship fight tomorrow night at the MGM Grand.    There are very few things in Sports as exciting as a championship boxing match in Vegas … the buzz and electricity is incredible … and, the people-watching is a hoot — especially the peeps from LA and Vegas.

Dela Hoya is favored since Pacquiao is moving up in weight class for the match.   And, of course, the “Golden  Boy” is more experienced but Manny Pac is regarded as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.   HBO has been running a great series called 24 x 7 with excellent training camp footage and story lines.   I’m pumped for the fight.

We’ll be attending HBO’s pre-fight party at the MGM.   This is always a good, fun time.   Last year, we went to the HBO party before the Dela Hoya – Mayweather fight.   Lots of HBO stars were there, including actors from Entourage and The Wire (which was my favorite show on TV).    And, it’s a virtual fashion show at both the pre-fight party and the fight.    I’ll bring my camera this year so I can try to capture some good shots – and I’ll post them on FB.

Who do I like in the fight?  I’m rooting for Pac-Man … and, I think his tenacity and desire to win is unparalleled.     So, I’m picking him to win a split decision over the great Oscar Dela Hoya.