Believe it or not, our team played baseball today in the frigid weather.  And, we didn’t just play one game, we played two games!  We were supposed to play in the semi-finals of our league’s play-offs last Saturday; followed by the Championship Game last Sunday.  But, the games were postponed due to the heavy rains and wet fields.

The games were rescheduled for this weekend … and due to quirky scheduling, we had to play back-to-back games if we won the semi-final game.  At 7:15 am today, I went outside to get the newspaper … it was about 22 degrees!  I was thinking we must be nuts for playing hardball today.

Our semi-final started at 9:00 a.m.  I bat lead-off and play center field.  So, what happens in my very first at-bat?  Yes, I got hit by a pitch.  LOL.  Then, I was given the steal signal.  The ground was icy hard — I did steal second but it was not fun sliding into the rock-hard ground.  We went on to win the semi-final game 7 –  6, which put us in the championship game at 12 noon.

Thanks to a great all-around team effort, including great pitching, good defense and timely hitting, we won the Virginia division of the Ponce de Leon League!  It defintely was a great feeling, especially we have a great group of guys on the squad.   No more baseball until mid-April, when it’s hopefully in the 70’s!