My baseball game on Sunday was canceled due to the heavy rains on Saturday afternoon and night.  So, I ended up going to watch the Marine Corps Marathon for a couple of hours.  A good friend of mine, Mike Honeycutt, was visiting from Dallas and running in this year’s marathon.   I believe it was his 8th marathon.

It was truly a great experience to watch the marathon — they had over 30,000 registered runners (although only 18,000 finished).  But, nonetheless, the support from so many, many people must have been great for the runners.  The streets were lined for miles with family members and friends supporting the runners.

And, major kudos to the US Marine Corps for hosting what looked to be a first-class event.

I have great admiration for people that can run a marathon — it’s amazing to see the variety of people — all ages, races, sizes, etc.  It must take great mental strength to pound away for hours.

My hats off to all that participated in the MCM.