For those that know me, I love Sports — so y-day was a great day.   After taking a 10-hour flight back from Brazil, I arrived at Dulles at 6:00 am y-day.   I slept for a few hours on the plane … then got a two-hour nap at home before heading to play a baseball game in our adult baseball league at 11:00 am.   Despite the lack of sleep, I was excited to be playing my favorite game … we won 19 – 3 and I went 3 for 4, including the furthest hit ball in years (a 330 – 340 shot to left).

Then, I made it home for the Skins – Browns game at 4:15 pm.  I was so tired and bored that I fell asleep in the first half, but then watched with glee as they held off the Browns for a 14 – 11 nail-biter.

But, that wasn’t the end of it … there was Game 7 last night of the ALCS between the BoSox and Rays.  There are very few things more exciting than a Game 7 in the play-offs.   And, last night’s game lived up to its hype.  What a great performance by the rookie pitcher, David Price, in the 8th and 9th.  Wow.

What a great day in Sports!