I had my rotisserie baseball draft last night so I unfortunately missed the Capitals / Hurricanes game — which is a total bummer since it was billed as the important game in the past 5 years for the Caps.  They had to play with urgency since they’re in the battle for the final play-off spot.  And, after watching the highlights, they looked like they played a brilliant game as they won convincingly 4 – 1.

As for my draft, I’m in a highly competitive league with a bunch of fantasy sports experts.  It was an auction-style draft, which meant you had to be completely prepared as you bid for players for your team.  I was fortunate to finish in 2nd place in last year’s 14-team league.   I’m not sure if I can fare as well this year — a lot depends on if the young players I’ve drafted can come through.

In regard to real MLB action, my fav team, the Nationals, are off to a nice 2 – 0 start.   It’s going to be a tough season since they’re in a division with three excellent teams — who all have much higher payrolls.  But, at least they’ll be playing in their glorious, new ball park.