So, it’s quite special living in the Washington, DC area as many people have to come to town to celebrate the Martin Luther King Holiday.  It’s great to read in the papers that more and more of our urban youth are learning about the importance and impact that Dr King had on society.  It’s a message that we can never forget.

This past weekend is also what many sports enthusiasts call us the best weekend of the year since there were 4 NFL play-off games played to determine next week’s Conference Championship finalists.  It was a pretty remarkable weekend with all four games being fairly close, especially the two nail-biters yesterday.

Of the remaining four teams, I’d like to see the Saints make it to the Super Bowl.  Why?  Because I think it’ll help generate more awareness about the devastated areas of New Orleans.  I went there last month and personally witnessed the Katrina-damaged areas of the 9th Ward and Lakefront areas.   It’s been 16 months and some of these areas are still completely in ruins.  This is important that Americans realize that we, as a country, should help rebuild this great southern city.